Katie Berg - Avery's Boulder Traverse

Description of Area:

One of the most unique boulders in the Duluth area. Avery's has all of these little chicken head features which make it a really fun place to climb as you don't know which ones to grab! Several great lines on a free standing boulder and real close to several other spots like Casket, Foxx, Brewers, and more. This boulder doesn't seem to get as much action, which is just a shame as it's soooo cool! Get out there and show it the love it deserves. 


Directions/access to area:

From HWY 35 exit Central Ave. Take Central all the way till it stops at the corner of Central Ave and Colombia St., park here. Walk up the small hill to the train tracks and take a right down the tracks. Walk maybe a hundred yards or so and you will see a faint trail leading into the woods and the boulder.

Mountain Project Beta:

Click here to go to the Mountain Project page for this location. The Duluth Mountain Project pages could use some serious love via better pics, better descriptions, and general updates; so if you feel like helping inform everyone, a little time and effort would be much appreciated!