Climb Duluth Day is coming back, this time as a series! In the past I have done single day "Climb Duluth" events to act as a way to show anyone a local spot(s) to get them a sort-of guided experience. This next year, however, I am going to not only up the quantity of outings, but I'm also going to change the model slightly in making them both clean-up and climbing events. As long as the rona isn't messing it all up, here's the rough deets for 2021 Climb Duluth Days:

  • I will pick a different spot to meet at every other week starting in April and going through October, roughly 12 outings in total. I will come up with schedule of crags/projects/dates over winter and post it once it's set to go. The hope is to pick a day of the week and keep that going on rotation so it's a predictable schedule.

  • We will do around 1-2 hours of cleaning (or more if needed) and follow that up with some fun climbing action! Those who give back to the crag naturally send more often. ;)

  • Anyone who comes to 8 or more of the outings and helps with cleaning at them will get a free shirt showing how bomb-diggity they are!


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