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Coming spring 2023, Climb Duluth Days will come back to provide an opportunity for the climbing community to gather at a local boulder to share in the joy of our local climbing spots, get some beta on projects, and further the education of the resources we have at the tips of our fingers.

Here's the deets!

  • Every event will be on a Sunday evening from 6PM-8:30ish.

  • If you have a pad(s), bring 'em so we can have as many climbs protected at once as possible.

  • This is not a competition or anything of that nature, simply some people getting together to enjoy some Duluth boulders. 

  • All of the spots that I picked below should have problems that are approachable for newer boulderers, as well as more experienced climbers.

  • Be respectful of not only other climbers out at the crag for these sessions, but also to the crag and environment we are playing at as we don't want to ruin a beautiful spot and give climbers a bad name. 

  • Nothing provided besides beta and good people to climb with, bring food/drink/gear that you will need.

Session dates & locations:

  • May 21 @ Brewer Park (park/meet at the various little spots on skyline near the boulders. Limited parking, please carpool if possible)

  • June 25 @ Enger (park/meet at normal spot, as well as lot at Twin Ponds)

  • July 30 @ Avery Boulder (park/meet at Casket Quarry lot)

  • August 27 @ Piedmont/Piedmont Roadside (park/meet at main pullout lot on skyline) 

  • September 10 @ Ely's Peak (park/meet at climbers lot) We will check out the bluff boulder and the ghetto on this session!

  • October 8 @ Ely's Peak (park/meet at climbers lot) We will check out the ALC and perhaps the pine slabs on this session!


Questions? Shoot me an email at

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