An annual summer event that takes place at local Duluth crag, Elys Peak, brought to you by the Duluth Climbers Coalition. A great experience for new climbers looking to learn or experienced climbers looking to discover local classic lines.

For those that haven't attended one of the previous Flock to the Rocks, this is one of the DCC's annual events aimed at getting families and new climbers outside and climbing. The event takes place at the Tunnel Bluff at Elys Peak, just South of Duluth. We encourage you to park at the Short Line Park parking lot and take the brand new multi-use trail straight to the tunnel bluff, but there are alternate approaches to the tunnel via the DWP gravel trail that runs parallel to Beck's Road near the park.

This summer, Flock to the Rock will take place on Saturday, August 6th, from 10am to 2pm. There will be pre-hung ropes, free to use rental gear, volunteer belayers to assist you in climbing, and a lunch time grill out with food and drinks! 

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