Description of Areas:

There are 2 different areas in Hartley Park to get your boulder on. There is "Hartley" and also "South Hartley."


Hartley is this cool little cave like feature with several fun lines. If you are feeling a bit stronger, I would suggest checking out the line "Of mice and men." Also, check out the awesome warm up called "The high road." Please be mindful that you are pretty darn close to the backyard of a resident and that keeping it down would be appreciated. 


South Hartley is quite a bit mellower with lots of lines in the V3 and under area. This is a great place to bring someone new to bouldering as there are several lines to choose from with nice flat landings. A few of the fun ones would be "Gitchigumi Groupie" and "oblivious." The moss at this place grows at a rapid rate, so it may be a bit harder to spot the lines from time to time.


Directions/access to area:

South Hartley:

Off of Arrowhead Rd turn onto Woodhaven Lane. Drive on Woodhaven for one block and take a left onto Hartley Road. This is a dead end and where you park. Walk straight into the park trail system. Go past the little wood trail map signage and walk maybe a few hundred yards. You will see an obvious trail on your left leading down the hill to the creek and all of the rock. You are here, have fun!


Off of Woodland Ave turn onto Fairmont St. Go all the way down to the little parking area. Walk back down the road maybe 1/4 mile and there will be a trail leading into the woods. Follow the trail down the hill and slightly up before taking a left onto another trail. The rock will be on your right maybe a hundred yards down or so.

Mountain Project Beta:

Click here and here to go to the Mountain Project page for this location. The Duluth Mountain Project pages could use some serious love via better pics, better descriptions, and general updates; so if you feel like helping inform everyone, a little time and effort would be much appreciated!

Photo Dump:

Having killed off the "socials," this is my way to have some pics of the various crags out there to hopefully get you amped and ready to go crush at a local crag. Enjoy!