Description of Area:

A freestanding boulder with a dozen or so pretty fun lines on it; that's a pretty rad resource to have for us all to play on! The feet and beta aren't super obvious, but once you figure the lines out, you'll love this place and what it offers at such a close to town spot. If you get the lines dialed you will have a spot that you can demolish yourself in about a half hour, especially if you add in the dips/pushup/etc via the iron eye hooks on the top of the boulder.

Directions/access to area:

Shocker here, but you will want to be on first street... ;)

From downtown, head west on 1st street. Go past Mesaba. You will head around a few corners and up over the little hill past 13th Ave W. A short ways down the hill you will see a rusty part on the handrail on your left side of the street.  You should be able to see the boulder sticking out. If you hit the stop sign you have gone too far and you are at Whopee Wall.

Mountain Project Beta:

Click here to go to the Mountain Project page for this location. The Duluth Mountain Project pages could use some serious love via better pics, better descriptions, and general updates; so if you feel like helping inform everyone, a little time and effort would be much appreciated!

Mountain Project Beta:

Well would you look at that, this oldie, but goodie crag isn't on Mountain Project! Looks like we need to make that happen this next year. Stay tuned!