Who's ready for a bit of a history lesson?! I'm not claiming that this is all of the history or "players" that should be mentioned, and I certainly don't know all of it, but will try my best. The point of this page is to pay a bit of homage to those that came before and left a mark of some sort on the local scene. A mark on the scene can be something like developing an area, spreading endless amounts of beta and stoke to all around them, pushing limits and previously perceived possibilities, and being a general awesome steward of the scene pushing it forward in a healthy and positive manner.


Before we dive in, let it be known that my grammar and spelling isn't super duper, so keep it light on the critiques, k? ;)

Dave Pagel and Rick Kollath

James Loveridge

Josh Wiese


Chris Duelan

Peter Dodge

Adam Daily

The Holden's

Eric Enquist