Description of Area:

The LSC crag is a great little crag that will have probably around 10 or so lines at it, once fully developed. The area is super beautiful and makes for a great day outside. Only a few lines have gone up so far, but I bet that will change very soon. Look for more beta and pics very soon.

Directions/access to area:

From 35W merge onto HWY 53 going up towards the mall area. Take the left into Lake Superior College (LSC) on Arlington Ave. Go past the college and parking lots to the farthest parking lot back. You will see the interpretive trail sign that is the trail entrance on your left. Park the car and hop on the trail. Walk down the steps on the trail and you will see a big sign, head to the left. Walk down the trail around 1/4 mile and you will see the "site 5" sign, go down the hill towards the creek. The "harder wall" will be just up and left of you.


There is also a super fun mellow wall at LSC. To get to it continue on the trail past the "site 5" sign for about another 1/4 mile. You will go just past the bridge that leads over the creek and see the wall on your left. This is a super fun wall for newbies and youngins.

Mountain Project Beta:

Click here to go to the Mountain Project page for this location. The Duluth Mountain Project pages could use some serious love via better pics, better descriptions, and general updates; so if you feel like helping inform everyone, a little time and effort would be much appreciated!

Photo Dump:

Having killed off the "socials," this is my way to have some pics of the various crags out there to hopefully get you amped and ready to go crush at a local crag. Enjoy!