Climb Duluth-Jebus Jive

Description of Area:

There are 2 different areas to choose from here. The Piedmont boulder has several fun lines with the line "Jebus Jive" being the standout.


Piedmont Roadside is one of my favorites! 2 different clif bands with lots of lines with decent height and features. The top band has several lines that are great for someone in the V2 and under area. Bottom band you gotta do "top out problem."


Directions/access to area:


Off of Skyline Parkway you will park in the scenic overlook parking area between 40th Ave W and 27th Ave W. If you walk straight up the hill you find a trail leading towards the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT). Take a left on the SHT and walk a short distance till you see the trail heading into the woods on your right. 1/4 mile at the most and you are at the Piedmont Boulders.


Piedmont Roadside:

Parking at the same spot as Piedmont, walk down the street towards 27th Ave W. You will walk maybe 100-200 yards and see a trail leading into the woods on the uphill side of the road with a COGGS trail sign reading "Valley Girls." A very short walk and you will see the lower cliff band of Piedmont roadside. From the lower band walk up around the cliff to the climbers right on the climbers trail, or on the left to the COGGS trail, and you will see the upper cliff.

Mountain Project Beta:

Click here and here to go to the Mountain Project pages for these two locations. The Duluth Mountain Project pages could use some serious love via better pics, better descriptions, and general updates; so if you feel like helping inform everyone, a little time and effort would be much appreciated!

Photo Dump:

Having killed off the "socials," this is my way to have some pics of the various crags out there to hopefully get you amped and ready to go crush at a local crag. Enjoy!