Here goes nothing...

Not sure how this will go, but in an attempt to get all the crazy thoughts, plans, and shenanigans I got going through my head out into the world, I'm going to try and write it down on here and see what y'all think, assuming that maybe somebody might actually read my gibberish...? First things first though; let it be known that my grammar and spelling are appalling. Yup, I have "Kraig talk" lingo that probably won't make immediate sense, but just come along for the ride and hopefully it'll be at least mildly entertaining.


In an effort to make it so this page doesn't someday get stupid long from journal entry after journal entry, I am going to make subpages for each season and year, which I hope might be kinda fun to look back at someday to see the progression of topics and the local climbing scene. Some entires will be tiny quick hits on "yo, I went climbing today and it was rad, check this out," and others will be longer and diving into topics that might require a bit more thought. I might make 7 entries one week, and none the next, so no biting your nails off waiting for the next marvel of junk I might write up as it might be a while, or not... There's a lot in the works on both my end and others in the community, it's gonna be fun to see where this all goes. So, let's get this party started with the first entry in the subpage of Summer '21.