Summer '21

August 3rd:

The first entry, better make this a good one... Jeez, where to start? Do we go back in time and give a brief history on climbing in Duluth (at least the history that I know), or do we start right where we're at right now, the good ol' times of climbing during the weirdness that is the 'rona? I think we'll start with the present, but don't you worry, we will indeed definitely be going back in time to talk about where we were, who made some impacts, who changed the scene, and who defined the scene, but not just yet. Stay tuned y'all, I'm just getting started. 

It's the saying you here all the time now, "weird times huh?" The simple answer is "yes." In these weird times it seems as though a lot of people (myself included) have gotten out of the climbing rhythm we had rolling pre-covid times, i.e., we're outta shape... I'm finding myself having to work lines I used to warm up on and that kinda stings, but the cool thing is that I still am having a blast as the simple act of climbing on rocks (no matter how crappy you're doing it) is still tons of fun! Maybe it's the fact that I'm getting older and caring less about numbers, maybe it's the fact that I don't compare myself to other climbers anymore, or maybe it's just the fact that I simply love climbing for climbing and have finally broken it down to the basics after all this time and the root of it all (for me) is the simple act of moving on rock, no matter how you do it and how difficult it might be?