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Allthough you can see similar information to what is below on MTN Project via the star ratings/etc, I do feel like what is reflected on the Duluth page doesn't line up with my own two cents on this subject. The point to this page is simply to call out the problems that I personally dig that are in the V2 and under range. This is just my opinion and there are sure to be people out there who don't agree with the problems I selected below, but it's my hope that this list will hopefully get at least a few of y'all to get out to these problems and give them a rip!


Each problem below is linked to the MTN Project page by clicking on the problem name. I included a brief description on why I personally really enjoy the problem and why I think it makes the cut. Enjoy and happy sending!


The problems below are in no specific order as there's no way I could narrow them down into that sort of order.