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Get Involved:

The North Shore VertiGals is a 100% volunteer-run organization, so we are always looking for folks who can get more involved and volunteer time to this community! There are many ways folks can get involved:

  • Participate – If you’ve never come to one of our climb nights or events, come say hello and get to know your fellow VertiGals!

  • Volunteer with Climb Nights – We always need volunteers to help run monthly climb nights. The tasks are pretty simple and are outlined here. We usually assign three leads to run each night.  One of those people does a brief introduction and the other two people help welcome new climbers and make sure everyone is included.

  • Get involved with the Board – This could mean a broad range of things, like:

    • Attend board meetings and provide input on events and priorities

    • Take on specific tasks on a regular basis or as needed (e.g. social media, purchasing VertiGals swag, or coordinating special events)

    • Be an elected officer with specific duties (outlined here). Learn more about the Board here.


If you are interested in learning more or volunteering,  contact us or any of our board members directly!


We are so appreciative of folks that want to volunteer and will work with you to find a good fit for you. Thank you to all our volunteers and board members! 


We love input!

Tell us how we can serve you better, we are always looking for ways to improve and new ideas, please reach out if you see something we could be doing better.

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